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My 18 years of experience working with renowned organizations as an in-house translator, as well as a freelancer, allow me to have a vast background in my main languages. I specialize in these services:

Localization: beyond translating content, I translate and adapt experiences for the Mexican market and high-end product and service consumers. I understand the cultural nuances, linguistic subtleties, and local preferences that ensure authentic and impactful communication.

Linguistic Validation (LV): as a Linguistic Validation Consultant (LVC), I assist researchers and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) in validating their Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) instruments; from translatability to harmonization in Spanish for Mexico (es-MX), and the United States (es-US).

Computational Linguistics: I use technology and Machine Learning (ML) to optimize translation workflows, enhance accuracy, and improve efficiency. I stay at the forefront of innovative tools and methodologies to deliver consistently high human-produced quality results.

Subject Matters: extensive experience in technology, software, marketing, law, medicine, life sciences, and Machine Learning Large Language Models (LLMs). I handle complex projects with confidence and deliver translations and revisions that are accurate and culturally sensitive.

With my Client-focused Approach, I focus on exceeding my client's expectations by delivering reliable, high-quality human translations that seamlessly integrate into their market strategies.

I practice open communication and understanding throughout the entire project lifecycle. Feel free to share your project needs, and let’s talk about how I can assist. 

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Linguistic Validation



I spend my time between the picturesque neighborhood of Coyoacán, in Mexico City, and my hometown Ciudad Obregón, in the State of Sonora, Northern Mexico. As a dedicated full-time freelancer, I work from my cozy home office. My passions span languages, traveling, life sciences, research, and geopolitics. Growing up in Sonora, I shared a bustling yet loving household with three sisters and five brothers! My upbringing in a large, lively family instilled in me the importance of clear communication and cultural understanding.

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  • Time-efficient, systematic working methodology.

  • Capacity to manage a large volume of incoming requests and projects—categorize, prioritize, and act.

  • Ability to work across countries, cultures, and policies.

  • Skilled to work with multiple levels of management.

  • Self-motivated to learn new systems and processes.

  • Expertise in localizing into Mexican Spanish.

  • Resourceful translation in different social and commercial contexts.

  • Attention to detail in all tasks.

  • CAT Tools: SDL Trados Studio 2021/2022, memoQ 10.5, Xbench 3.0.

  • Software: MS Office 365, JavaScript, XML, R, Python, UNIX/Linux.




“Julio is very serious about what he does. I've had the opportunity of working with him on several translation / proofreading projects, and not only is Julio a great translator, but he also brings important knowledge to the project, resulting in some of the greatest quality of work I have encountered. I will continue working with him as much as possible, as I enjoy his input, speediness and professionalism at all levels. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.” 

On LinkedIn by

Bryan Lattke
Chief Creative Office at Trustlations, Inc.


“Julio is a talented and professional translator. He is responsive, professional, and always completes projects on time or ahead of schedule. A true pleasure to work with.”

On LinkedIn by

Andrew Dafoe

Owner of TraduccioNOLA


“Julio is excellent to work with and responsive and especially at times when the deadline and turnaround time is tight. A good team member to have on board.”

On by

José Rodríguez

Director of GDLS London







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